STAHS students aim to study at leading universities, and as the admissions process for Oxford and Cambridge is different from other UK universities, we offer particular support for those interested in pursuing this path.

We invite speakers from Oxford and Cambridge as well as former students now studying there, to come into school to brief current students and answer their questions. The annual Oxbridge Admissions Conference is the focus of this activity, with students from Years 10 to 12 attending, alongside students from neighbour schools.

Students are supported in preparing their applications by the Oxbridge Co-ordinator and the Director of Higher Education & Careers  in Year 12.  Guidance is provided for co-curricular activities, wider reading and research. Students enjoy many and varied opportunities to develop their confidence by engaging in academic debate and practising interviews.

In recent years STAHS students have been made offers across a range of subjects, from Medicine and Natural Sciences to Languages and Law. Our conversion rate from interview to place offer is an enviable 50%.





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03 July 2020

Year 12 Theatre Studies student, Sasha performs her passionate 'Voices from Home' monologue on the changes and real… https://t.co/ZEiEJz2uWw