Development at STAHS - St Albans High School for Girls


Development at STAHS

We are truly excited about our growing Development programme at STAHS – fundraising to support the School and its pupils, for those studying with us now and future generations.

Increasing our Bursary Fund is a priority and is at the heart of our fundraising programme.

Our aim is to provide as many full bursary awards as possible, ensuring that ambitious, talented and motivated individuals, for whom an independent education would otherwise be impossible, can benefit from the wonderful opportunities that a STAHS education can provide.

We want these young people to experience all that STAHS has to offer: the challenge and reward of learning in a fast-paced, academically ambitious school, the warmth and welcome offered by the friendly and inclusive STAHS community, access to an amazing array of co-curricular and super-curricular opportunities and the lifelong support offered through our impressive alumni network. We want them to benefit from the full STAHS experience, educating them to become happy and confident adults and preparing them to lead lives of consequence.

To find out more about our Bursary Fund and how your support can play an invaluable part, please contact Felicity Bond, Development and Alumni Manager, on

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported the School: both financially and through in-kind support. Thank you to all our supporters for your help and generosity.

If you’re interested in applying for Bursary Support, you can find out more here: