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Partners in learning, the community and beyond...

A clear, strong ethos of social responsibility lies at the heart of STAHS. Our engagement with and contribution to St Albans and the wider Hertfordshire communities is at the centre of everything we do.

We make a positive impact on our community in many ways, from being a responsible and ethical local employer to providing local schools and community groups with access to our facilities, to our community partnerships and charitable activities. Our reach is broad and we are deeply committed to helping everyone, and particularly young people, in St Albans and the surrounding areas live happy, successful lives unhindered by socioeconomic, geographical, personal or other barriers to social inclusion and mobility. 

Whether helping children develop a lifelong love of science in primary schools, working on effective revision strategies with IntoUniversity students, our Design and Technology staff mobilising to produce hundreds of visors for the NHS or volunteering locally, our students and staff learn, share and grow so much.

We believe wholeheartedly that engaging in meaningful partnerships produces extraordinary mutual benefits, and we will continue to encourage as many young people as possible to join with us in the great adventure of learning.

Amber Waite  


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