STAHS provides an education for life; and for us, this means so much more than classroom learning. Our expansive and dynamic co-curriculum provides students with the opportunity to explore new and interesting ideas and to discover hobbies and passions that will stay with them long after they leave school.

Because our co-curriculum is an integral part of the STAHS education, students are not just encouraged but are required to engage with activities that will excite and challenge them, and that both complement and further develop the knowledge and skills delivered through our curriculum. All the while, they are learning many life skills that they would not necessarily obtain in the classroom, thus equipping them for the 21st century workplace.

There really is something for everyone. For some, it’s the thrill of taking part in one of the dozens of recreational and competitive sports on offer, others are drawn to the adventure and comradery of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. From chamber music and choirs to the production of plays and musicals, from organising the School’s biennial TEDx-style programme to participating in chess tournaments, all passions and interests are catered for.

Through all STAHS activities, both curricular and co-curricular, we nurture the development of the qualities most looked for by employers: critical thinking and problem-solving, collaboration and leadership, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurialism, effective and compelling written and oral communication, curiosity and imagination and the ability to access and analyse complex information. These skills aren’t deliberately taught – instead, they emerge as the students discover the things that fire them up.

Fun is of paramount importance when it comes to the co-curriculum, making these activities some of the most rewarding aspects of school life. Because our co-curriculum is ‘live’, always adapting, growing and changing based on student input, every year offers new opportunities. In or out of the classroom, there’s never a dull moment at STAHS!