Welcome to Sixth Form - St Albans High School for Girls


Welcome to Sixth Form

Our philosophy for Sixth Form education is different from many schools. Rather than viewing the Sixth Form as the pinnacle of secondary education, at STAHS we see this period as the first two years in a much longer journey through which a young person completes their A levels, earns a degree from a top-ranked university or completes a competitive apprenticeship, obtains professional qualifications, embarks on their first career and embraces adulthood.

This ‘Teach to 25’ philosophy underpins all we do at STAHS. We take full responsibility for equipping our students with the skills, independence and knowledge for embarking on this journey. We challenge them to meet the highest of expectations, but we keep a supportive arm around them – ready to celebrate when things go well, and equally ready to listen and encourage when things don’t go quite to plan.

Our STAHS Diploma provides an incredible framework to support the development of well-rounded, grounded yet ambitious young people who set out to make a positive impact on the world. Our impressive alumni network supports our students throughout their Sixth Form years and beyond – providing advice, guidance and mentoring to help them successfully navigate their academic and career pathways.

The STAHS Sixth Form is about so much more than A levels – and I invite you to experience our fantastic programme for yourself by joining one of our open events or snapshot mornings, or by enjoying an informal look around.

Amber Waite, Headteacher


Welcome to STAHS Sixth Form – an amazing place to learn

We are incredibly proud of what our school offers. Our fantastic Sixth Form building is more like a university than a school; the study areas, computer rooms, dedicated Sixth Form library and, of course, Sixth Form Common Room, encourage our students to work hard and collaborate with each other in their learning and in all aspects of Sixth Form life.

Our small class sizes enable excellent relationships between staff and students. Students think for themselves, beyond the curriculum, and extend their learning, but they know that their teachers are always there for them if they need help and guidance. Rapport between staff and students is excellent, students have access to a wide network of support from our experienced and knowledgeable House and Sixth Form staff and Form Tutors. At STAHS, there is always someone to turn to.

Our Higher Education and Careers team has an impressive range of experience in preparing our students not just for UK universities, but also for study abroad, degree apprenticeships, conservatoires, foundation courses and internships. We are immensely proud of our track record of success; thanks to our individualised approach to pastoral and academic support, typically more than 90% of A level grades at STAHS are A* to B and our students consistently meet their requirements for entry.

Our Oxbridge and Med/Vet/Dental programmes start early and enable students to push themselves well beyond the confines of the A level syllabus, whilst helping them prepare for associated interviews and exams. Alumni , parents and staff play vital roles in preparing them for each step of the process.

The STAHS Diploma is a perfect fusion of all the key aspects of life here and enables our students to flourish; they leave us excited to take the next step in their journey to adulthood.   Please do come and visit and see what we have to offer; the students and staff at STAHS Sixth Form would be delighted to welcome you.

Helen Monighan, Head of Sixth Form