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Academic Life

Make no mistake, STAHS is one of the highest performing independent day schools in the UK. We are selective at all points of intake, however our admissions process is deliberately structured to allow us to really get to know each candidate. We are able to select pupils based on a combination of intellect, talent, skill, personality, potential – and most importantly – fit for our School. There is no ‘typical’ STAHS pupil: when we select pupils to join us, we consider each one as an individual. We form year groups full of young people with a wonderful diversity of interests and abilities, who are able to inspire each other academically, creatively and culturally. Because our pupils join us from a wide variety of different schools and starting points, we take very seriously our responsibility to get to know each one and help them find the methods of learning that work best for them. Although we maintain the highest of academic standards and expectations, our nurturing approach to education means that all pupils are able to achieve outstanding outcomes. This in turn allows them a tremendous amount of flexibility and the widest possibilities for options in the next phase of their academic and life journey.

Academic life at STAHS is a rich combination of core courses, elective options, extension opportunities, hands-on and experiential learning, and practical work carried out in specialist facilities. Our world-class teachers are profoundly committed to educating the pupils in our care and are remarkably giving of their time and energy to support their pupils. Whether advising on an independent research project, guiding a pupil towards additional reading and resources or simply having a cup of tea in the Rotunda while assisting with revision, STAHS teachers inspire confidence and support their pupils every step of the way. Many of our staff have had careers in their areas of expertise prior to training as a teacher and are able to provide meaningful insight into real-life applications of the subjects they teach.

Our friendly, open and engaging community is at the heart of everything we do. The pupils learn, question, debate and wonder together. The relationships between staff and pupils are warm and supportive, and our alumni and partners provide an additional dimension of knowledge and experience of which STAHS pupils take regular advantage.

When clever, talented young people are inspired by those around them, are encouraged to push beyond their perceived limits, are celebrated for their efforts and successes and are supported by their friends, teachers and families, they are unstoppable. At STAHS, we give our pupils all of this and more – and the proof of our success is in the thousands of successful alumni leading fulfilling lives, giving back to their communities and making the most positive of impacts on the world.