Vision, Values and Aims - St Albans High School for Girls

Vision, Values
& Aims


To develop happy, resilient young people who will embrace opportunities and lead lives of consequence.



  • We value intellectual, social and moral development. Our pupils thrive on the high expectations we have of them, and our dedicated staff create an environment where kindness and generosity of spirit are as important as academic excellence.
  • We value diversity. We are proud of our diverse community where each pupil is valued for who they are and encouraged to share their unique perspective on the world.
  • We value challenge and risk-taking. We nurture our pupils’ sense of adventure and help them develop emotional and mental agility.


To ensure that STAHS:
1. Is an institution of educational excellence.
2. Prepares pupils for the future.
3. Provides excellent pastoral care.
4. Is a diverse and inclusive school and workplace.
5. Provides an inspiring and welcoming learning environment.
6. Makes a positive impact in our community.


Drawn up by the Council with input from our whole community, the STAHS Strategic Plan is a framework for the educational, organisational and capital development of the School, in line with our Vision, Values and Aims. All areas of our five-year strategy support our Teach to 25 agenda. From building state-of-the-art facilities to launching our new curriculum model, our School strategy is all about developing intellectually curious, ambitious young people who are confident in themselves and their convictions and are ready to embrace life’s opportunities.