Careers &
Higher Education


At STAHS, we pride ourselves on providing an ‘education for life’. Our girls are well prepared, not just for navigating the sometimes challenging path through adolescence and young adulthood, but also for meeting the demands of earning a degree and/or professional qualifications and embarking on their first career.

Our Careers and Higher Education teams sit at the very heart of the School. They oversee well-resourced programmes designed to help STAHS students understand how the skills and knowledge they are acquiring now can be transferred and applied to any number of exciting post-secondary education and career choices open to them.

We draw on the experience and knowledge of our staff, expert advisors and – perhaps most significantly – our own incredible network of alumni, parents and friends to provide our students with the very best guidance and support. From Careers Breakfasts to workshops with alumni currently or recently at university, STAHS students have regular access to a huge variety of inspirational and informative role models and advisors.

With both formal and informal activities available throughout a student’s time at STAHS, our girls leave the School fully prepared to take their next steps. However, our Careers and Higher Education support doesn’t end when a student leaves the Sixth Form. One of the real values of a STAHS education is the ongoing professional and social support provided by the School and through our active and highly-engaged alumni network. A STAHS education truly is an ‘education for life’.

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