Our curriculum focuses on relevant skills for each child. It is important that our pupils have high standards in spoken and written English to be able to communicate clearly.

To develop confidence in presenting, pupils have a weekly Drama lesson and every girl takes part in her form play each year from age 4 to age 11. We encourage problem-solving in Maths based on sound fundamental skills, so the pupils are able to tackle new challenges with ease.

Our girls develop important learning habits of perseverance, concentration and critical thinking. We encourage them to choose difficult challenges and extend themselves every day. We have high aspirations for all our pupils, but we resist hothouse education –

we do not create learners who are accelerated through the curriculum with limited understanding. Instead, we take a mastery approach so thatpupils have strong core knowledge and can manipulate that knowledge when problem solving.

Our curriculum supports girls’ passions and builds on their aptitudes as they benefit from expert tuition by subject specialist teachers. Outdoor learning is a fixture in our curriculum, with the pupils able to apply Science, Humanities and Art  outside the classroom, along with problem solving and team building challenges.

Strong links with STAHS Senior enrich the curriculum and Prep pupils benefit from the facilities and resources of the Senior School. Teachers liaise to ensure the curriculum dovetails for the move to Year 7, and Senior and Prep pupils work together for projects and themed days.


Years 1 & 2
Years 3 to 6