Academic Life

Let your curiosity loose

The STAHS Sixth Form is built around the STAHS Diploma, providing the framework on which the curriculum, super-curriculum and co-curriculum hang. There is so much more to the Sixth Form than academics, but academic study remains central to what we do at STAHS. Our commitment to providing our students with world-class teaching, exceptional extension beyond the examined curriculum and additional opportunities to engage with their subjects through masterclasses and professional lectures means that STAHS Sixth Formers go on to take up places at the best universities in the UK and abroad, and can springboard into phenomenal careers.  

STAHS Sixth Formers are very able and we expect all students to study four A levels from the outset. We value learning for its own sake and encourage students to carry on with the subjects they love – even if those are well outside the norm for their desired degree choice. Decisions about A levels have far-reaching implications on the options available after school – selecting four A levels gives our students more choice as their Higher Education and career ambitions evolve. Some students will drop one of their subjects through the course of Year 12 and complete three A levels, often with the addition of an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). 

Every academic department devotes significant time to enabling student-led, individually developed project work or further learning beyond the confines of the examined curriculum. Most students produce original research or other work from their engagement with the STAHS super-curriculum. Our lecture series is an integral part of the Diploma. Sixth Formers are informed and educated by inspirational people from all walks of life.  

The STAHS Sixth Form is a busy, bustling environment with scholarship at its very heart. Our outstanding results only tell part of the story: not only do our students achieve the very best A level results, gaining places at the most prestigious universities in the UK and beyond, but they leave with the independence, intelligence and nous to complete their higher education and enter the world of work with confidence and determination.