STAHS is a through-school offering education from the ages of 4 to 18. Whether joining in Pre-Prep, Year 7 or Year 12, parents choose us because of the careful balance of pastoral care and support with outstanding teaching and learning.

Our pastoral structure, approach to digital learning and overall curriculum is a journey from Reception to Year 13, with each stage building on previous learning. Moving on from the leafy haven of Prep, as girls become teenagers they enjoy the buzzing, city school environment of STAHS Senior School.

At the end of Year 6, pupils transition to STAHS Senior School without the need for registration or an entrance exam, subject to the Head’s recommendation. In the few cases where the Senior School would not be a good fit, Mrs Rowe and her team will alert parents in Year 5 and work very closely with them to find alternative schools. Once in Senior School, the majority of pupils stay with us for Sixth Form.