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STAHS Diploma

STAHS Diploma

At STAHS, we view entry into the Sixth Form as the start of the journey to adulthood. These are the first two years in a trajectory that will take our students through their A levels, university degrees or other higher education qualifications and into their first career.

Our ‘Teach to 25’ philosophy means that the STAHS Sixth Form really is a bridge between secondary and tertiary education, ensuring that the physical and academic freedom enjoyed by our Sixth Formers is balanced by a clearly defined structure that ensures well-rounded personal development, intellectual growth, acquisition of skills for life, a commitment to service and experience of – and training in – leadership.

The STAHS Diploma provides this structure. The Diploma is the framework for the STAHS Sixth Form experience.

All STAHS Sixth Formers embark on the Diploma journey, engaging over the course of Years 12 and 13 with each of the four distinct Pillars of the Diploma: Academics, Skills for Life, Service and Leadership, and Making the Leap. Students develop their individual Diploma Portfolio where they record and evidence their achievements and participation in a range of activities and pursuits, ensuring they meet the expectations for each pillar, but often far surpassing the requirements.

The STAHS Sixth Form is so much more than just A level education; the Diploma provides a fantastic platform for students to document and track their many successes and helps them better understand their strengths and areas for development. The Diploma encourages students to take ownership of their education and to make well-informed and independent decisions about their future.

STAHS Diploma

The four Pillars of the STAHS Diploma

Skills for Life
Service and Leadership
Making the Leap