Head of Prep


What makes STAHS Prep a special place? Some may be attracted by our strong academic results and unashamed desire to stretch our pupils academically. The through school ethos may be important to you, as it is to us. Our woods and fields and fully-equipped science and computing suites may be a highlight, but our real difference is less tangible than that.  

Lying at the heart of our Prep School experience is a commitment to enabling every girl to believe that anything is possible and that she can make a difference to the world. Every child is unique. Our passion is to support every girl’s individual learning and personal development and provide her with tools that will equip her to navigate adolescence successfully and help her lead a fulfilled and happy life.  

We encourage our girls to be feisty, fun loving and adventurous. We want them to take risks in a safe environment and give anything a go. We want them to be confident but not arrogant, to understand themselves and to care for others.  

Through a supportive learning environment our girls learn to express themselves clearly, to cooperate with others and to lead in a considerate way. They develop understanding and respect for others’ points of view, and a real concern for their environment and community. We do not shy away from competition, but encourage the girls to harness their energies productively, balancing competition with respect and empathy. We want them to be willing to stand out but also happy to be part of a group. 

STAHS Prep School girls are friendly and enthusiastic. Both they and I would love to meet you when you visit and hope that you will see for yourself why the Prep school is a happy and inspiring place to grow and learn. 

Mrs Judy Rowe, Head of Prep