Head of Prep


The Prep School is an exciting place to grow and learn. With our 18 acres of field and woodland, every child has the opportunity to get muddy in the outdoors, to play, develop their passion for learning and have fun.

We have a broad and rich curriculum to ignite every student’s interest whether it is in Science, Humanities, Languages or Creative Arts. Our curriculum is well suited to our able girls’ abilities and we move ahead of national expectations. The pupils embrace challenges and their enthusiasm for learning is impressive. They enjoy studying alongside friends and are given opportunities to learn independently whenever possible.

At the Prep School, we hold more than 50 clubs each week giving the girls opportunities to enjoy activities as diverse as fencing, karate, cookery, chess, coding, street dance, photography, drama and archery. We have a multitude of music groups encompassing all ability levels, from complete beginners to students achieving top grades in a variety of instruments. The pupils take part in residential trips from Year 3 upwards, giving them a taste of independence in a secure and supportive environment.

Individual care is very strong and pupils are looked after in form groupings as well as our House system, which is at the core of our School. Within her House family, each girl gets to know others across the School, who will remain with her throughout her time at the Prep School and at STAHS Senior School. We meet as a community daily when our pupils sing and reflect on abiding values before they embark upon the day’s learning adventure.

We recognise and celebrate difference; every child is valued and understood. Ours is a happy, friendly community where every pupil is encouraged to take part, developing her own skills and contributing freely to others.

By the end of Prep, pupils move on ready to seize the opportunities of a top flight secondary education where they continue to forge their own identities and develop their talents.

I invite you to come and see for yourself what the Prep has to offer and look forward to welcoming you.

Mrs Judy Rowe, Head of Prep