Welcome from the Head of Prep - St Albans High School for Girls

Head of Prep


Welcome to STAHS Prep, where we lay the foundations for each child to have a happy and intellectually stimulating start to their educational journey.

At Prep, our aspirations for our pupils are sky-high and we equip them with the necessary skills to embrace all of life’s opportunities. They are stretched and challenged by a blend of expert class and subject-specialist teachers, and they thrive in our warm and caring community set in 18 acres of field and woodland.

We are proud to be a genuine ‘through-school’, with our aims, values and expertise shared across Prep and Senior. Most pupils transition seamlessly to the Senior School, without the pressure (or restrictions) of 11+ examinations, meaning that we can focus on making the primary years really count. Our Teach to 25 philosophy underpins all that we do at STAHS. This starts at Prep where our pupils increase their resilience, develop their moral compass and ignite a love of learning that will set them on course to be successful beyond their formative years of education and on into adult life.

Academic ambition and a real sense of adventure go hand in hand at Prep. Our pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves, try new things and pursue their passions. From performing in front of packed audiences and competing in multiple fixtures, to designing, building and driving their own car, the breadth of opportunity is incredible.

Every pupil is nurtured and valued for who they are and what they bring to our school. Recognising and celebrating difference is a fundamental part of what we do at STAHS, and we enjoy learning from others’ perspectives. We want our pupils to be confident but not arrogant, to understand themselves and to care for others. The STAHS community of pupils, parents and staff is special. Spend just a little time with us and you will experience this first-hand.

Choosing your child’s school is one of the most important decisions you will ever make as a family. You can learn a lot about a school from its prospectus or website, but nothing beats a visit. Come and see for yourself why STAHS Prep is such an inspiring place to grow and learn; we would love to meet you.

Mr Mike Bryant, Head of Prep, September 2023