At STAHS Prep, we are committed to helping your child develop a strong sense of her own identity and her place in the world. We want her to feel comfortable in her own skin, able to develop her talents and willing to stretch herself to achieve her own goals.  

Our aim is to prepare children for the challenges of adolescence and the demands of the adult world. We will help your child learn how to achieve good physical and mental health, both through direct teaching and through our supportive environment. 

Our Character Education programme helps girls develop key skills that will support them in their relationships, as well as their learning. Through assemblies, PSHEE (personal, social, health and economic education), theme days and outdoor learning the girls learn about how they can develop strong and happy relationships, look after themselves and contribute to the wider world.  

Our Outdoor Learning programme supports the girls’ learning across the curriculum and provides opportunities for them to develop skills in teamwork, cooperation, communication and problem solving. During outdoor learning lessons the girls engage in activities linked to their learning in the classroom in different areas of the curriculum, as well as taking part in group challenges from the Commando Joe programme to practise, discuss and develop core values which will help them to navigate their rapidly-changing world. Learning about inspirational characters from the past and present, they engage in practical challenges which stretch their abilities, as they work together to overcome difficulties and find their way around problems.  

Our programme aims to develop the following values, which are based on Commando Joe’s RESPECT framework: