Our aim in the Chemistry department is to help students experience the wonder of discovery through a deep understanding of the subject. With our highly experienced, committed and motivated staff, students learn to hypothesise and explore new concepts for themselves.

The department actively encourages and supports further interest and opportunities outside the classroom and many students achieve success in these competitive ventures. Each year, a large number of students is selected for Oxbridge masterclasses and work experience weeks:  in the lower school, students represent the department in national competitions such as the Salter’s Festival of Chemistry.

A Level Chemistry has an extremely high uptake at STAHS, with over a third of all Sixth Form students choosing to study it. Many of these students progress to scientific degree courses, supported along the way with individualised university preparation sessions, and we enjoy an outstanding success rate in the medical and veterinary sciences.

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18 September 2020

RT @STAHSSixthForm: Donning our denim in Sixth Form today in support of @JeansforGenes https://t.co/b80paV2UX7 https://t.co/IdOYg1lptb

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