We take pride in the breadth of our curriculum at KS3. Girls have lessons in Maths, English and Science – where the individual sciences are taught discretely – and this core is complemented by Modern Foreign Languages – French, Spanish, German, Italian and Mandarin – Classical Languages, RS, Geography, History, PSHEE, PE and Games, Drama, ICCT and the creative arts subjects – Art, Music and Design Technology which encompasses Food, Textiles and Product Design. Girls can refine their individual programmes of study as they progess through KS3.

Girls commence Year 10 having selected their GCSE programme of study. This is an exciting time as we expect the girls to take increasing responsibility for their learning, to explore subjects in greater depth and to gain intellectual confidence as they grow as learners.

Girls typically choose four or five option subjects to sit alongside the core curriculum: Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. This broad range of subjects enables the girls to experience wide horizons and to experience a range of subject areas. Girls opt to take one or more humanities, choosing from Geography, History and Religious Studies, pursue a modern or classical language which they have already studied or take up a new language such as Classical Greek or Italian. Some students wish to follow a more creative path and can choose from Art, Design Technology, PE, Drama, Music or Computing. Most of our girls take 10 GCSEs and these are a mix of national (GCSE) and international (IGCSE) courses.

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18 September 2020

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