To enrich the girls’ learning, we enjoy many visits annually: to the theatre, museums, exhibitions, places of worship and nature reserves. This helps to bring learning to life and provides a practical context to lessons. Girls also take on many physical challenges through skiing, climbing, sailing and rock climbing.

All the girls from Years 3- 6 take part in a residential trip, varying between 1 and 4 nights, which helps them develop independence and self-confidence through engaging with physical and problem solving challenges, as well as developing their scientific and geographical knowledge. This year the girls will be enjoying team building and problem solving activities in Buckinghamshire in Year 3, camp craft in Year 4, water sports in Norfolk in Year 5 and a wide variety of cultural activities in France in Year 6.


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07 July 2020

Our final day with the Year 6 girls back in the meadow in their camps. Having fun! https://t.co/955uLdu1m9