Year 12 try their hand at government policy making - St Albans High School for Girls


Year 12 try their hand at government policy making

Date Posted: Monday 16 May 2022

Tasked with finding never-before-thought-of-solutions to the UK’s most intractable social problems, the STAHS De Beauvoir Fellows went head to head in The Fix.

For the past month or so, they have been getting under the skin of their chosen social issues, and considering why they exist, who they effect and what the consequences are. Innovative solutions were developed by turning matters on their head and asking, for instance: What would Jeff Bezos do? What would we do if we only had one day? Should we take a carrot, or a stick approach, or a combination thereof?

The Fellows explored multiple ways to improve job opportunities for refugees, the rehabilitation of prisoners and measures to reduce youth unemployment.

Many congratulations to the winning team of Emmie, Chelsea and Annabel. The judges were impressed by the originality of their solutions and the logical path they took to get to the root cause of their chosen social issue.

The STAHS De Beauvoir Fellowship Programme, which is available from Year 12, develops high-level thinking, debating and public speaking skills and offers increased academic freedom to independently explore ideas. Click here for more information.