Student awarded Scholarship from the University of Bristol - St Albans High School for Girls


Student awarded Scholarship from the University of Bristol

Date Posted: Thursday 13 May 2021

We are thrilled to announce another scholarship achievement for one of our Year 13 students! 

Freya-Beth has been awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for Drama at the University of Bristol, which supports new undergraduate students who have exceptional musical, dramatic or sporting talent outside their field of academic study. 

Freya-Beth wanted to apply so she could spend time at university acting and being part of drama societies. “I decided that I wanted to study sociology for my degree but to also pursue my passion for acting. This type of scholarship applies to individuals whose talent is outside their field of study at university, therefore it was perfect for what I wanted to do,” she explained. 

With only twenty scholarships on offer across music, drama and sport, Freya-Beth really impressed with her application. She wrote about her previous experiences and achievements in Drama and her aspirations and goals for the futureShe also had to share how she would contribute to the drama community at Bristol, as well as her personal vision for theatre in the future.  

The whole school is extremely proud of Freya-Beths achievements, especially STAHS Director of Drama, Holly Whymark who said “Freya is an outstanding, versatile performer with a natural presence on stage. She has also been a fantastic ambassador for the subject, inspiring and nurturing the talent of younger students across the school by talking a leading role in co-curricular ensembles and events.