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Fostering the next generation of researchers

Date Posted: Tuesday 30 November 2021

This week saw our Year 13s break boundaries through their thought-provoking entries to the inaugural Mary Lucey Research Prize.  Open to all, this innovative competition encourages Sixth Formers to explore a question of their choice, before presenting their findings in the form of an undergraduate-style research paper and poster. 

The judges were impressed by the wealth and originality of the entries. Speaking at the awards dinner, Governor Mrs Carol Jewell commented on the social conscience demonstrated by many of the entrants.   

Congratulations go to the winner, Kiera, for her investigation into the morality of the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Act (2021) and to the runners-up Lauren and Yukie for their entries on the ethics of remote warfare and the pros and cons of pathfinding algorithms.  

Attracted by the opportunity to present their research as an academic poster, the students remarked on how this format synthesised their thinking and helped guide the discussions they had with the many attendees at the morning symposium.  

Very well done to all the entrants; you have set the bar high for future years.