Eco-Committee's efforts rewarded with Green Flag accreditation - St Albans High School for Girls


Eco-Committee’s efforts rewarded with Green Flag accreditation

Date Posted: Monday 11 March 2024

STAHS’ commitment to protecting the planet is reflected in the new Eco-Schools flag now flying high on Townsend Avenue.

The flagpole was erected outside the Senior School over half term, following the hard work of the dedicated Eco-Committee, led by Head of Computer Science Mr Byfield.

He said: ‘We are delighted to announce that our Eco-Committee has achieved Green Flag status at STAHS through their dedicated efforts in the past academic year. Their hard work and commitment in the areas of Energy, School Grounds, and Waste has been exemplary.

‘The team tirelessly reviewed, planned, and executed various projects, which are reflected in a Green Flag proudly waving on our school grounds. This flag symbolises our active role in fostering sustainability and environmental friendliness within our School community. Congratulations to our Eco-Committee for their remarkable achievements!’

The Eco-Schools programme provides a framework for young people to work within to make a difference to their school community. Well done to the STAHS Eco-Committee for all their hard work: Sophie B (Year 13), Rose G (Year 9), Lucie M (Year 8), Lucy N (Year 11), Emma H (Year 8), Rosie F (Year 11), April H (Year 13), Harshini A (Year 10), Maryam D (Year 10) and Charlotte C (Year 13).