Mathematics at STAHS is studied not just because it is the structure underlying geometry, science and symmetry, but also for its intrinsic beauty.

Pupils are taught in an environment which strives to develop each girl’s ability to its maximum. Lessons are fast moving and challenging and aim to inspire girls with enthusiasm for the subject. We build on the girls’ self-confidence, so that they can recognise and celebrate their own successes.

Mathematics is ‘the Queen of the Sciences’ (Carl Friedrich Gauss) and it is the main driving force behind scientific discovery and communication. Girls are taught skills such as logical thinking, problem solving and statistical analysis, all of which are highly desirable in the workplace. Lessons go beyond the requirements of the syllabus in order to widen mathematical horizons and spark intellectual curiosity.


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03 July 2020

Year 12 Theatre Studies student, Sasha performs her passionate 'Voices from Home' monologue on the changes and real… https://t.co/ZEiEJz2uWw