The House System

Our House system enables us to deliver an integrated approach to pastoral care. Through our House system we promote not only the individual development of each girl but also we provide very personal support when it is needed.

All girls join one of four Houses in Year 7: Julian, Mandeville, Paris, or Verulam – each named after historic academics and writers.  She remains in that House until she leaves school. It’s like being in a big, extended family and, as part of this family, she can enjoy challenges with confidence, developing her own interests in a safe, friendly and fun-filled environment. She can enjoy healthy, partisan competition where there is great team spirit in sports, drama, music and debating. She can fund-raise for charity and as she gets older can aspire to a leadership role such as House officer.

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18 September 2020

RT @STAHSSixthForm: Donning our denim in Sixth Form today in support of @JeansforGenes https://t.co/b80paV2UX7 https://t.co/IdOYg1lptb

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