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Resolve in reverse (Head’s Blog Jan 2017)

Posted on 16 January 2017

It’s a pretty intense start to the term for many pupils. Year 11 and Year 13s straight into mocks,...

Truth and Truthiness (Head’s Blog Nov 2016)

Posted on 7 November 2016

A big week in a post-truth world

What about this new word – ‘truthiness’ coined by the US comedian, Stephen...

Persuasion (Head’s Blog Oct 2016)

Posted on 14 October 2016

‘It is a truth universally acknowledged that young men in possession of porn must be in want of better...

Grammar Lessons (Head’s Blog Sep 2016)

Posted on 26 September 2016

I loved English lessons at school… They gleamed with imaginative possibility, apart from the one long term in Upper...

Recording quality (Head’s Blog Aug 2016)

Posted on 25 August 2016

In this record-breaking Olympics summer, we are so pleased to be celebrating our own record-breaking results year. Superb A...

“If…” (Head’s Blog July 2016)

Posted on 1 July 2016

I wonder if other Heads around the country found this week’s assembly as tricky to write as I did?...

‘Enjoy Your Summer all’ – John Donne (Head’s Blog May 2016)

Posted on 21 June 2016

‘Enjoy your summer all’ – John Donne

While much of the country rails against over-testing of primary aged children, let’s...

Head Over Heels (Head’s blog May 2016)

Posted on 20 May 2016

Many of us have read about Nicola Thorp, the City receptionist, sent home from Price Waterhouse Coopers for refusing...

Unsafe Territory (Head’s Blog March 2016)

Posted on 19 March 2016

I’m taking a risk here… I know it. But here goes.

Is there a teacher or parent left in the...

Mis-applying an Oxbridge Toolkit

Posted on 29 January 2016

As we start the recruitment term celebrating our school’s remarkable Oxbridge success (half of the High School Oxbridge girls...

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