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Fundamental truths

Posted on 29 June 2018

I had so many inspiring meetings in the States, at the National Coalition of Girls’ School’s Global Forum which...

The Rest is Silence

Posted on 20 April 2018

The Today programme this morning compared the silence of the British Library’s old womb-like reading room to the incessant...


Posted on 8 March 2018

I’m struck by how resolutely the daughters of the 1970s ‘Me’ generation have become the #MeToo generation – young women everywhere...

This might be totally wrong, but… (Head’s blog, September 2017)

Posted on 25 September 2017

So, like, I hope you don’t mind, if I just like, you know, share, something with you. It’s probably...

13 Reasons why not (Head’s blog, June 2017)

Posted on 26 June 2017

Professor Tanya Byron has asked Heads to share their concerns about Netflix’s latest cult hit, 13 Reasons Why. I’ve steered clear of...

What is courage? (Head’s blog May 2017)

Posted on 9 May 2017

So asked an Oxford University entrance general paper many years ago. The candidate left a blank side of unfilled...

Code word (Head’s Blog March 2017)

Posted on 1 March 2017

Two articles out today tell us lots about girls’ relationships with technology. On one hand the CyberFirst Girls code...

An Inspector Called (Head’s Blog Feb 2017)

Posted on 7 February 2017

Often when ‘an inspector calls’ schools endure a drama of injustice or inadequacy from inspectors of gnomic utterances and...

Resolve in reverse (Head’s Blog Jan 2017)

Posted on 16 January 2017

It’s a pretty intense start to the term for many pupils. Year 11 and Year 13s straight into mocks,...

Truth and Truthiness (Head’s Blog Nov 2016)

Posted on 7 November 2016

A big week in a post-truth world

What about this new word – ‘truthiness’ coined by the US comedian, Stephen...

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Fundamental truths

29 June 2018

Jenny Brown on the importance of making learning fun