Prep School STEM Fest programme announced

Posted on 11 April 2018

Between 30 April and 11 May, St Albans High School Prep is hosting a jam-packed festival of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) activities.

From a Big Bang Fair inviting local school children to showcase their inventions and experiments, to professional development workshops for teachers wanting to broaden their knowledge and skills, STEM Fest is set to inspire girls at the Prep School, students and teachers from the local area with all things STEM.

Judy Rowe, Head of the Prep School, explained: “With only 21% of the STEM workforce in the UK being female, I’m interested in ensuring that we catch girls young and keep them keen on STEM subjects. Our programme aims to provide exciting opportunities, encouraging them to think creatively and stretch the boundaries of their knowledge. I truly hope that by offering this range of thought-provoking, imaginative and fun activities, more young girls will be inspired to step into STEM.”



  • Big Bang Fair and STEM Careers Fair, hosted in association with Setpoint Hertfordshire.
    Friday 4 May, 1.30pm – 3pm
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  • Barefoot Computing workshop on bringing computer science to life in the classroom.
    Monday 30 April, 3.45pm
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  • Learning staff from Whipsnade Zoo will provide ideas for integrating scientific skills and knowledge within teaching.
    Thursday 3 May, 4pm
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  • Neil Rickus from Computing Champions will lead a workshop on Physical Computing.
    Thursday 10 May, 4pm
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Full programme for teachers



  • Local independent bookseller Bronnie Mayho will discuss the importance of reading in developing your child’s love of STEM.
    Tuesday 1 May,  7pm
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  • Wayne Jarvis from STEM Learning will talk about the ways in which STEM can be incorporated into everyday activities and discussions with your children.
    Wednesday 9 May, 7pm
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