Leila Rose awarded Young Digital Innovator of the Year

Posted on 28 January 2020

Year 5 student, Leila Rose, has beaten off all the competition to win the prestigious title of Young Digital Innovator of the Year 2019. Entrants to the First News competition were asked to come up with an invention that could help older people live happier and healthier lives and Leila Rose designed the brilliant Parkinson’s Phone App, which makes it easier for people with Parkinson’s disease to use a mobile phone. Leila Rose was inspired to come up with the idea after spending time with her uncle Tim, who suffers from the condition.

Leila Rose’s app would use the in-built accelerometer in smartphones to counter a person’s uncontrollable shaking. She explains, “The Parkinson’s Phone App will use the movements detected by the accelerometer and move the display the same amount in the opposite direction, which will cancel out the movements caused by a person shaking.”

For her super idea, Leila Rose has won her very own Macbook laptop plus a 3D printer and ink for the school. “When I first found out I was really shocked and happy. I’m pleased my invention won because it really helps people who have shaky hands live a happier life. I’m also really pleased for the school receiving a 3D printer as it will help the girls!” Congratulations, Leila Rose!

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