Girls complete inaugural Informatics computing course

Posted on 4 July 2018

At St Albans High School for Girls (STAHS), we are keen to ensure that our students remain at the centre of technology use, and develop the skills required to prepare for today’s increasingly digital society.

Carole-Ann Wright, Head of ICCT explains: “With newspaper headlines such as ‘Robot doctors will replace surgeons’; and ‘How professional services firms need to prepare for the robo revolution’, it has become increasingly pressing that we prepare our students for a very different workplace than the one for which we were prepared!”

Along with Dulwich College and City of London Boys’ School, STAHS explored current qualifications and found them wanting in terms of meeting the advancing needs of all our students.

We decided to write our own four core module Informatics course, which has recently been approved by The British Computer Society.

The course comprises four core modules: Device Management; Software Fundamentals; Cyber Security and Safety as well as Computational Thinking and Programming. These modules deliver Level 2 IT and Computing skills.  With these four modules, pupils will be prepared for life beyond school whether that be at University, the workplace or the ‘smart home’ as they cover the key functional skills we all need in an increasingly digital world.

A group of Year 12 students piloted the first four modules, and recently received their certificates: the first for this course!

From September 2018, all Year 10 girls will take the Software Fundamentals module, allowing them to develop skills that will benefit them with their research and studies across the curriculum. Additional optional modules in Digital Humanities and the Internet, Control and Programming, Business Entrepreneurship, Mobile App Development and Creative Technologies have also been developed.

Congratulations to all the students who have taken part, developing valuable skills to ensure that they remain adaptable in our rapidly changing world.

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