Occasional Places

Occasional Places

Sometimes we have places available in other year groups than our standard entry points, and it is always worth contacting us to check. The timelines for admissions for occasional places in September 2021 are shown below. For occasional places, it may also be possible to start at the school in any term, and not just in the September entry. This may suit families who are relocating to the area.  We are academically selective and all girls who register with us will sit an age-appropriate assessment in the Prep School or entry examinations in the Senior School.

If you’d like to know more or to arrange a visit to the school with your daughter, please contact:

Prep School places – Prep Admissions Coordinator, Andrea James, on 01582 839260  admissions@stahs.org.uk

Senior and Sixth Form places – Admissions Manager, Caroline Hardy on 01727 853 800 admissions@stahs.org.uk

The admissions process is kept under review and may be adapted according to circumstances at the time.

Admissions timetable for occasional places Year 1 – Year 6 2021

Application deadlineFriday 13 November 2020
Assessments: Years 1 & 2Wednesday 6 / Thursday 7 January 2021
Assessments: Years 3 – 6w/c Friday 11 December 2020
Offers madeFriday 29 January 2021
Meet us again morningWednesday 3 February 2021
Acceptance deadlineFriday 5 February 2021
InductionTuesday 22 June 2021


Admissions timetable for occasional places (Years 8 – 10) 2021

Application deadlineFriday 20 November 2020
Entrance assessmentSaturday 16 January 2021
InterviewsMonday 22 February 2021
Offers madeFriday 5 March 2021
Acceptance deadlineFriday 19 March 2021