STAHS Future 2020

Between 2018 and 2020, we are re-shaping the Dining Room and Sixth Form Centre at STAHS. Collaborative, creative and nourishing in all senses, these spaces are the next footprints on a journey which started in a converted hospital on Holywell Hill in 1889. Undoubtedly the most complex build we have ever undertaken, at the end we will have a new building which will nurture, excite and inspire High School students for many years to come.



The Proposal

  • A dedicated Sixth Form entrance, a new library and roof terrace plus revitalised teaching spaces will connect the existing block to the new building.
  • A new Dining Room will be constructed with new classrooms and social spaces above it.
  • New landscaping incorporating existing mature trees within the school site and along Townsend Avenue.
  • New street elevations will enhance the existing townscape and conservation area.

The Dining Room: heart & hub

Our fantastic Hospitality team work wonders providing imaginative and nutritious food to over 700 students and staff every day. They have been working out of a kitchen built in 1963 whilst students and staff, with great forbearance, lunch in a restricted and sometimes hectic space.

The new Dining Room will be the heart and hub of the school: a place where students and staff can breathe, relax and truly enjoy the food on offer. This will be a modern, open and welcoming space at the heart of our community.

The build will provide a larger, fully contemporary and very visible kitchen. The servery will be separately positioned within the extended dining space, the second spilling into the open air. Combined with biometric registration, these elements will minimise queuing though we can’t promise to eliminate it completely.

Lunch is a vital part of our students’ welfare – an oasis on busy days. This will be a comfortable, contemporary and beautiful room in which to relax and enjoy downtime with friends.

The Sixth Form Centre: a bridge and a place apart

Woven into the fabric of the wider school community, our Sixth Form is a place apart with its own distinct identity. Students pursue their passions with an independence reflective of their place at the top of the school. It is a bridge between school and university, where students develop habits of mind which set them up for their onward adventures. The remodelled A Level rooms will accommodate collaborative learning and individual tutorials. Independent study pods will be imaginative and flexible – inviting students to configure them to suit their purposes. Indoor and outdoor social spaces will give them plenty of room to decompress.

A glass ceiling, exposed brick and wide corridors (dotted with quirky study pods) will provide a radically different feel. The spiral staircase will take students up to the Sixth Form Library, literally and metaphorically sitting on top of the building.  A roof terrace will run alongside it. Glass banisters and a double height ceiling will make this a light and airy space with lots of room for ambitious thinking. There will be places big enough for year groups to gather together and to host events and visitors.

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