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When St Albans High School for Girls was established, its intention was to: ‘provide an education of the highest stamp’ in accordance with the Christian teachings and moral principles of the Church of England. Today, we welcome girls of all faiths or none. Our faith foundation is witnessed in our daily life together. Our spiritual integrity invites us to discover the road less travelled as a school community.

On this great adventure, we are called to honour the dignity of every person. We are called to work for justice and peace locally, nationally and globally. We are called to embrace the diversity of humankind. We are called to celebrate the breadth of human belief. We are called to seek understanding and to offer forgiveness. We are called to be thankful for and generous with every gift and opportunity given. We are called to love as we are loved at all times and in all places. Join us and see!

Diane Fitzgerald Clark
School Chaplain



A founding principle of the High School is “to whom much is given, much is expected”.

Our students understand that we have a duty to others.  The Chaplain’s Community Service Programme gives the opportunity to work with local good causes and through this service to others girls learn humility and mental toughness.  Students organise fundraising events for both local and national charities.  Recent appeals have raised money for The Smile Foundation, Gendered Intelligence and The British Heart Foundation.

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20 June 2018

RT @STAHSHead: ‘Just win the darn game. Let’s go’ Billie Jean King ends the #ncgs18 in amazing style!

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