If, as Professor Wooldridge argues, ‘Geography is what geographers do’ then the rich and diverse geography curriculum at STAHS accentuates the dynamic, inter-connected and holistic nature of the discipline. Our girls are immersed in innovative, enquiry-based learning as they make sense of a very complex planet – everything in, under, over and on it, nurtured by the enthusiasm and academic expertise of the department team.

Through deep understanding of Geography’s big concepts (such as space, place, scale, process, systems, interdependence, inequality), we aim to cultivate a geographical mind-set. Integral to the geography curriculum, students engage with an extensive fieldwork programme, ranging in scale from an exploration of geographical issues in the local area to investigations of regional and global phenomena. Locations range as far as an evaluation of the impact of an Icelandic jökulhlaup in Year 13. This practical learning is enhanced through conferences, external speakers, our links abroad and the vitality of the Geography Club.


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24 January 2020

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