Communicating with Parents

The diagram below outlines the key communication points in the Sixth Form calendar. Year 12 begins with a Welcome to Sixth Form evening when more information is provided on each stage detailed below. Of note are the Year 12 examinations. These are internally set and marked but we are working within a group of schools – Highgate, City of London Boys’ and UCS – to ensure consistency. UCAS predictions are informed by these examinations but not determined by them: we take a broader view of the girls and our excellent knowledge of them – as students and individuals – enables us to guide them effectively as they refine their university plans.

The Head of Sixth and Deputy Heads Academic and Curriculum closely monitor the girls’ progress, informed by the Heads of Department. This holistic approach to supporting the girls ensures that we are well-able to communicate with parents at any point in the Sixth Form course and parents are of course always welcome to contact the Head of Sixth Form at any time.

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