Our careers provision is designed both to help girls explore potential career paths and to enable them to identify and articulate the key skills they have developed.

As girls progress through the school our embedded programme encourages self-reflection, helping them recognise and develop the key skills demanded in the work place and to communicate effectively the extent of their growing skill set to universities and future employers.  This begins in years 7 and 8 with skills recognition and development forming key modules in our PSHEE provision.

Alongside the regular and widespread linking of curriculum subjects to future careers, girls in all years embrace the Inspiring Choices careers programme at the High School. Insight lunches offer an opportunity to hear from a wide variety of professionals, ask plenty of questions and discuss work experience possibilities. In an inspiring programme that aims to offer frequent access to employers, highlights include: careers breakfasts in years 9 and 11 and dynamic careers conferences in Years 10, 12 and 13.  We are also growing partnerships with leading employers and professional women’s networks to help provide outstanding opportunities for our students to meet with and learn from exceptional mentors.

In line with our regulatory requirement we also offer all girls access to independent careers advice and guidance from year 9 onwards via a specialised online programme which allows girls to track their growing skills and identify and research potential career choices as they progress through the school.  This is extended by encouraging all girls in years 10 to take up our offer of Morrisby careers profiling and guidance interviews with an independent specialist careers adviser to inform their A level and career choices.  Further independent advice and guidance is provided by offering Centigrade profiling to year 12 students to help inform their Higher Education choices.

Girls will leave the school able to identify and successfully pursue their choice of career at every stage of their life, in the recognition that ‘Generation Z’ are more likely to follow a portfolio career rather than the job for life of previous generations.

Further information is available by contacting:

Mrs Gini Parton, Head of Careers: partonv@stahs.org.uk
Mrs Helen Monighan, Acting Director of Higher Education and Careers: monighanh@stahs.org.uk

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