Years 3 to 6

The girls continue to be challenged by an exciting and varied curriculum. They make good use of laptops and iPads in researching material and presenting it to others; they are becoming increasingly self-motivated learners.

Science lessons take place in our fully fitted lab while learning experiences continue both in and outside the classroom using our fields and woods.  We go further afield during the day and residential trips feature in every year group. The girls enjoy maths competitions and events such as the “Big Bang Science Fair,” learning French and Mandarin as well as furthering their skills in art and design. The most able work at least a year ahead of their age and are encouraged to persevere with difficult challenges to prepare them for the future.

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12 December 2019

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27 April 2018

Judy Rowe, Head of St Albans High School Prep, explores the benefits of introducing girls to STEM subjects from an early age.

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Inaugural STAHS Children’s Book Festival a huge success

20 June 2019

A crowd of more than 1000 people attend the inaugural STAHS Children’s Book Festival in Wheathampstead.