St Albans High School Prep girls show they’re the best scientists and mathematicians in the East

Posted on 22 July 2016

On Thursday 30 June 2016 twenty four pupils aged 9-11 from St Albans High School Prep (STAHS Prep) attended the Big Bang Fair where they competed against secondary school aged pupils across the East of England with their projects in Science, Maths, Technology and Engineering (STEM).

They presented six projects ranging from: ‘How does space effect the germination and growth of seeds?’ to ‘Which spaghetti bridge structure can hold the most weight?’
The Big Bang aims to showcase young people’s achievements in STEM and equip them with skills in science, technology, engineering and maths – which are key to their future employability.

Headmistress Judy Rowe said: “The competition this year was intense, and our girls were the youngest participants to enter. Nonetheless four came home triumphant, scooping the prize for creativity and winning £200 to share between themselves and the school.”

Big Bang

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